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How to Display the Weekly ToonFever Cartoon on Your Web Site
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Webmasters -Do you want to display a weekly cartoon from on your web site? We've made it easy for you and it's free!

Just read and agree to the "Terms of Use" further down this page and then set up an html link on whichever one of your pages you want the cartoon to appear in using the code below:

<img src=""> <BR>

to display the cartoon or alternatively

<a href="" ><img src=""> <BR>

to display the cartoon and set it up to link back to if someone clicks on it (which is not mandatory, but appreciated). The <BR> is not strictly required, but will provide a carriage return to drop the next line of text back to the left margin. Those of you who are proficient in html are free to add code to adjust the border size, placement, sizing, etc.

The cartoon should change once a week (barring unforeseen circumstances) with no additional effort on your part. If you encounter difficulties in setting up the link, feel free to Contact us.

Technical details:

  • File Content: single panel cartoon

  • File format: jpeg, usually greyscale but may be color

  • File Width: 495 pixels

  • File Height: varies, usually less than 400 pixels

Terms of Use:

By linking to the file toon.jpg as described above, you assent and agree to the terms of use described herein.

The information and link above are provided "as is" with no warranty of fitness for any particular purpose. The information and link above are provided free of charge - No payment is sought or required. reserves the right to change the name and/or location of the file to link to or to modify or discontinue this offer at any time without any notice or compensation to you.

Neither nor anyone associated with it shall be responsible or liable for anything whatsoever that goes wrong in connection with the file and/or link described above. The entire responsibility for determining the appropriateness of the above file and link for your web site rests with you. If you are not satisfied with the results of linking to the file described above, your sole remedy is to remove the link from your web page(s).

All of the pages and cartoons on the website are protected by United States and international copyright laws. No permission, either express or implied is granted for any use of the cartoons or pages on the website other than the permission to set up the link to the file toon.jpg as described earlier in this page.


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